Thrift Store

Annual "Citrus Family Celebration" event held at beginning of school year to provide school supplies and free fun for families.

Annual Christmas List. We provide wrapped toys and clothes for children of families who are experiencing financial difficulty.

Work with educators and other groups to provide books, coats, clothing, shoes and project materials for children.

Provide Volunteer hours for children to fulfill required hours they need for scholarships, programs, and court ordered.

Provide needed items to other organizations to aid them in fulfilling their goals to assist children.

Give away free books to children throughout the year at off site events.

Work with Assisted Living Facilities to provide books, sweaters, hangers and any other items that may be needed.

Assist Homeless Coalitions with clothing, shoes, hats, bags, etc.

Donate linens and bedding to animal shelters.

Provide needed items to churches and groups to aid them in fulfilling their goals of assisting our community.

Assist families and individuals directly through our Thrift Store by providing discounted or free clothing, shoes, housewares, bedding, etc. based on individual circumstances. *we do NOT provide monetary assistance for bills or housing.

Current and previous groups we have donated space to:                                                               Isaiah Foundation 

Daisy Girl Scout Troop 14104 

Aspire Relationship Center ~Home of the River Project~

WINS (Women in Need of Services)

Caged Nation MMA